Five Reasons to Create a Social Enterprise

Why do social enterprises exist? (For this purpose, think of a social enterprise as an entity, or a division within an entity, with the goals of making a profit, or using money making techniques, and pursuing a mission consisting of providing a social or public benefit.) A few years back, another lawyer and I surveyed CEOs of for-profit social enterprises in New York State regarding this very question. The consistent bedrock answer was the mission. The mission was its very reason for existence, its DNA. Here are five more reasons to create a social enterprise: 1. Creating Social Benefits. Social […]

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An Unconventional Approach for Not-For-Profits: Social Enterprise

CEOs of not-for-profits have been talking with me a lot about three matters that are weighing heavily on their minds – financial challenges, regulatory change, and expansion. It is not news that not-for-profits face financial challenges, but the challenges have been gradually exacerbating. They are seeing increased competition for donations, time and attention, and as a result, even maintaining donation levels is becoming more of a challenge. In addition, government funding is getting tighter and when available, cumbersome to obtain and maintain. Costs are rising, but revenues are not. Not-for-profits in certain fields are facing significant new regulatory changes in […]

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