About the Firm

Singer Law PLLC was created to help clients navigate business and personal legal needs with confidence. When you work with us, you can expect personal attention, integrity and responsiveness. We take the time to ask questions and to listen in order to understand what you want to accomplish so that, together, we develop a practical, customized approach suited to your needs. One of our primary goals is to help you understand your options so that you can make the most informed decisions.

Our Approach

Our approach to our practice reflects our commitment to our stakeholders.

For our clients, our goal is to provide ethical and integrity-driven, high quality and cost-effective legal services. We’re focused on delivering the highest levels of customer service so that our clients become raving fans. We work collaboratively with our clients, helping them to make informed decisions. We use clear and easy to understand communication, and a proactive and practical approach to address opportunities, problems and challenges.

At Singer Law PLLC, we strive to assist our team members in achieving their individual goals by investing in their personal success while providing them with the flexibility to achieve work-life balance. We do this in part by utilizing a model where our team members work predominantly remotely. We endeavor to have a culture that is characterized by mutual respect and empowerment, opportunity, creativity and entrepreneurship.

For the environment, we are largely paperless and our workforce approach allows our individuals to work substantially remotely which significantly reduces our carbon footprint.

For our communities, our team members are committed to active community service, helping to educate our business and immigrant communities, improve our business community, and pursue numerous charitable and pro bono projects. We work with for-profit and not-for-profit social enterprises seeking to have an impact. We also work with traditionally underserved communities such as women and minority business owners, individuals with special needs and immigrant children who have been abused, neglected or abandoned by a parent and are seeking guardianship or custody in connection with obtaining special immigrant juvenile status.

Where possible, we endeavor to utilize vendors who are local or come from traditionally underserved communities.

Our approach reflects our belief in the importance of recognizing and serving our multiple stakeholders. This belief underscores our mission and the way we work so as to lead by example and to inspire others to implement similar goals and behaviors. This belief grows out of the experience of the members of the firm with their years of work with Falcon & Singer P.C., which was a Certified B Corporation.

Our Story